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Today’s #WaveWatchingWednesday is a recap of one of the most amazing experiences ever: A freediving trip to Dahab. Even though we have been back for more than a week now, I am still processing all the new impressions — the sea, the colors, the snorkling (and for those who need to hear it: no, looking at “the elephant” at 25 meters depth does NOT count as “snorkling”! ;-)), the desert, the people, the sounds and smells, the challenges that I took on and mastered, the challenges I did not take, the PBs, the feeling of accidentally having fallen into a fish tank, the “special tea”, seeing all the places I had heard so much about and seen in so many documentaries, the water, the amazing friends I travelled & dived with, their support and encouragement, my instructor Anja’s wise words… I will need more time to process everything, but here are some pictures (out of several thousand that I took!). Enjoy!

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24 days of #KitchenOceanography — now available as a book!

For all of you who know and love my “24 days of #KitchenOceanography” series (and for those who need to quickly look up what that was about and then fall in love with it ;-)) — you can now buy it as a book!

The book contains 24 easy experiments, embedded in the bigger context of the world ocean, that can be done using only common household items.

Remember, the 24 #KitchenOceanography experiments also work very well as an advent calendar!