This is a round-up of all my wave watching pics of the last three months of 2022. Clearly I have been busy in real life if I am that far behind sharing stuff online! Anyway, here they are. Enjoy!

Good morning Bergen

Last night, I have to admit, I wasn’t entirely happy that my hotel (& rain pants. I know, such a beginner’s mistake in Bergen!) were on the other end of town from where we had dinner. But now I’m at least getting some wave watching in before starting our epic writing retreat!

Wave watching from the office while getting things done!

When the sun hasn’t made it above the mountains yet…

Foggy morning swim

Oh hi bird, I just wanted the rainbow in the fountain

Oh look, today is a “pretty ring waves” kind of day!

Seagull-supported #WaveWatching or classical tourist pic, you decide…

Oh Bergen…
Also — where do those weird waves in the lower right corner come from???

When the pretty foam art decays into popped bubbles… (still tasty though, and I’m kinda curious about the physics there!)

On this day, a year ago (as my phone just reminded me). On that day, @kjersti.daae & I were still in the middle of writing our CoCreatingGFI proposal which is now a very real and big part of our work; I hadn’t applied for my current job yet which has very much uprooted me and changed pretty much everything in my life (or maybe not, since I’m still in Bergen, still working with Kjersti on all our fun projects?), and we hadn’t used this picture on countless press releases, presentations, job interview slides, … yet. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen it so much in all those contexts that it doesn’t feel like only a year ago? Or because I cannot imagine working without Kjersti as my most significant relationship in the Roxå&Mårtensson sense? In any case, thank you for being you, Kjersti! Without your inspiration and support and reality checks and lots of fun & wave watching, I would definitely have quit more than one job in more than one country within the last year! And I very much look forward to all our adventures in the next 365 days and beyond! :)

Sunset wave watching and I’m missing you all already

Feelin all the feels

Two happy new @tosoceanography editors enjoying the last bit of summer. Feel like I just said it yesterday, but everything is better with @kjersti.daae, especially sharing work we didn’t ask for and are somehow still very excited about :)

What is the most impressive thing we’ve learned from @iearth.no so far? Making virtual reality dinosaur models on our phones that we can put wherever we like, of course. Meet Odin, the virtual dino!

Pretty interference of the regular waves and the ones from where someone threw a stone in

SHOCKING working conditions in Norway again!


And the elves are still dancing on the lake!

Back at the green river

Shear instabilities

Waterfall and jettegryter

Lovely autumn colors and waterfalls and really clear water. All I need to be happy :)

#wavewatching AND glacier watching!

And down again on the other side!

I call this series “left in confusion outside Oslo opera”.
In addition to the pretty wakes, note the checkerboard pattern of waves & their reflections!

I call this series “left in confusion outside Oslo opera”.
In addition to the pretty wakes, note the checkerboard pattern of waves & their reflections!

Thanks for making Bjärred home, L

Too many meetings today but the sea is waiting


I thought I had broken the SD card in my camera; turns out the problem was my computer. Phew, glad I didn’t loose my wave pics


The sea is coming for me

Still looks like summer!

Nice waves today and, of course, #langmuircirculation :)

Caught the 10 minutes of sunshine and blue(ish) skies for my swim on a windy day with great wave watching!

Unicorn stripes for Sehoya

Rainbow swim

They say a trip to IKEA is the ultimate relationship test. Glad that we even had a minivacation with quick swim, cloud watching and hot tea after, L :)

Breaking waves from above and below

Breaking waves from above and below

Sun dog

Jellyfish central has moved to Bjärred today

TFW you realize that the very healthy decision to leave your computer at work means you can’t access the pictures on your camera’s SD card. So I guess that’s not the way forward for me

I love the drama of these waves in that light

Wave watching in Skanör today


Time for a swim!

I think you’ve brainwashed me into changing my perspective @katarina.martensson, or maybe it’s the lack of oxygen?

It’s clearly fall now… Häckeberga Naturreservat

Wave watching in Ystad

The sea is calling

After work swim

Langmuir circulation again!

Lucky to live in a place where I can get my fix of vitamin sea every day!

#WaveWatching. Look how the waves become a lot larger as the warer gets shallower! At Kullabergs naturreservat

Total internal reflection: looking at it at shallow angles, the water reflects the sky, but at steep angles we can look in & even see the caustics at the bottom!

Moon phase (upper left corner, very small) & apple phase. #hverdagsfysikk

Current-dominated in the lower edge of the pic vs wave dominated in the sea

Love the sea

After work swim

Waves had a very cool shape today. Clearly a sine is not a very good approximation under all conditions…

Opening up a dam gives this cool flow into the newly created pond!

This is how nicely the waves wrap around a tiny sand bank because speed depends on water depth

My 5 year old niece can now tell you all about the difference between tides and the flood that took our sandcastle

Oh look, the land at the end of this bridge is gone!
Thanks for the mini vacation, L

Ok, aside from the increasing lack of daylight, I really don’t have anything negative to say about fall

Teaching an “introduction to teaching and learning in higher education” this week, and today that involved an active lunch break. Plan A was watching the solar eclipse, thanks to clouds plan B happened: looking at the campus through disciplinary lenses & sharing it to connect disciplinary knowledge and everyday experiences. Mine: gust of wind & high surface roughness at the far end of the lake, then short wavelength waves being filtered out by all the floating leaves and stuff, so only longer waves emerging downwind of the leafy zone.

I just wanted to take a picture of someone else’s sandcastle for my sister, but that seems to have upset the swans. Which, in itself, of course isn’t a good thing, but look at all the cool waves they are making!

Missed the sunset swim by like 2 minutes… Still pretty, though

Nightswimming deserves a quiet night…

After work swim!

Enough light for a split shot today!

Sand ripples from back when Skåne was in the roaring 40ies. How cool is that??? Might not exactly be what you want to discover in your quarry but I think they are super cool!

Oh look, a collapsed sand volcano

More sand ripples, quite difficult to find in between lots of other sedimentary rocks with bio turbation. But A told me to “look for something that looks like Bjärred”, and I found it! :)

The sea is calling

Question of the day: did I make it there and back dry?

Windy day with lots of capillary wave action on top of the larger wind waves. So many cool structures everywhere! Also no need for filters, there doesn’t seem to be much color around in the first place

Love me a good dramatic sky

Thought it would be a great idea to do a triathlon of sorts: first run in like forever, swim, sauna. And it was good until I just realized that I still have to get home now, tired and completely relaxed as I now am, and it’s kinda cold and windy outside… Maybe I’ll just stay here?

Yes, as cold as it looks

Pink skies on the danish side of #öresundsbron

So excited that it’s finally wave-watching-mitten weather again

I do live in a beautiful place

After proud YOLO texting, I realized that that is probably also true for my nice work watch, which I should probably have taken off before going in…… Well, next time (if it dries nicely and survives)

When getting to work becomes a hike through winterwonderland, including a pretty halo

Clearly today my focus was almost as much on getting out quickly as on getting a nice wave pic, but I think I kinda managed to do both!

Good day for a swim!

Clearly I have my priorities right when this is the skill I practice in #freediving training
Thanks for the pic @katarina.martensson! @active.divers

After work swim coming up!

When I said I wanted to go swim during daylight I was thinking actual sunshine, but this was pretty, too!

Lunch break swim

Impressive streak of daylight swimming, if I say so myself…

Today I had company for my swim (which I only realized afterwards, when I saw the jellyfish on the pics). Poor thing must be really cold!

Thanks for the two mini vacations & spontaneous rescue of “my foot” today, Louise!

More color below the surface than above, who would have thought

Practice makes perfect(ish). Now next time I need to also figure out a better angle for a nicer background!

Too much of a cold to participate in freediving training means a lot of time with a whole paddling pool all to myself – complete with crazy whirlpools and huge kraken! #happyplace

Pretty building and all that, but do you see how nicely the melt line on the roof to the left of the central bit follows the staircase shape of the central bit? Why is it much less clear on the other side? Questions that keep me awake at night

Good day for a morning swim!

Finger rafting always reminds me of @kjersti.daae and a cold & beautiful day on the Oslo opera. And of how I still don’t understand the scaling of the fingers…

Beautiful frost flowers!

I find stages of ice formation so fascinating; how sometimes you have these super thin ice films and sometimes you have tons of needles, or small pancakes, or all in super close proximity to each other. And the best is how they filter out waves in different ways!

Ever since Svalbard this spring I’m slightly obsessed with Arctic Pingos. Guess I found the next best thing here in very shallow water @kjersti.daae ? Looks like that might be the same mechanism minus the permafrost?

It might look like we didn’t fully understand the game that’s supposed to be played on this table, but for @active.divers Christmas party, we played a #kitchenoceanography exit game! Three experiments as clues for three questions, and voila: the code to unlock a safe with the movie we wanted to watch (but then didn’t). I am so lucky to have become part of this awesome community!

And that’s the Great Belt bridge done…

Home sweet home

Christmas dive at Boalt quarry from a #WaveWatching perspective. Thank you all so much for a great day @active.divers !

Found another @active.divers Christmas dive picture at Boalt that looks soo spooky with the one head (mostly snorkel) visible at the buoy, and then the shadows of the two divers (one vertically at the bouy, one in the surface to the right with an arm hanging down). I really need a better camera for this kind of stuff

For the @active.divers Christmas party, we did a freediving-themed #kitchenoceanography escape game. I’ve now shared the instructions on my blog (link in bio) in case anyone wants to use it or build on it, feel free to contact me for material lists and more details. It was fun! :)

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