Welcome to my wave watching week! :)

Networking with a view

#morningswim #dropphotography

How would you know that the waves are not as high as they appear in pic 1&2?
First, if you know me, I hope you would trust that I would not risk my life for a wave picture, so that there must be something else going on. But even looking at the picture, you can get an idea of dimensions and guesstimate that the waves aren’t super big at all: notice the capillary waves, all these little parallel waves that look like someone pulled a fork through cream cheese, sometimes crossing over themselves? Capillary waves have typical wavelengths of the order of 1cm. So knowing that, even the big wave they are riding on doesn’t look as impressive any more, does it? ‘Perspective matters! :)


Hooray! Today is my blog’s 9th Birthday! 9 years of “Adventures in Oceanography and Teaching”, in 1,300 posts, it’s hard to believe! What an archive of 9 years of surprisingly consistent interests in surprisingly different jobs in 3 countries and 4 languages (well, 4 countries and 5 languages if we count a month in Grenoble, playing on a 14-m-diameter rotating pool? That was AMAZING), and a transition from oceanographer to academic developer! #KitchenOceanography and teaching were the main topics in the beginning, and now I’m mostly writing about #WaveWatching and teaching from an academic development perspective. But even though things have developed a lot in one way (yep, I learned a thing or two over the last 9 years!), in another way they have changed very little. If you want to read some reflections on that, check out my latest blog post (link in bio). If you don’t, still check out the blog and read the post before that, on what we can do to help students feel like they belong. That’s what I spend my Sunday nights on these days, when 9 years ago it would have been #KitchenOceanography… I really need to do more #kitchenoceanography again, I miss it! Thanks to my sister and her husband for the perfect picture of the perfect cake! I’m assuming that’s me there with the pink mask, freediving: “What, I am supposed to put my face under water? But then how am I supposed to look at waves?”

After work swim with cool reflections

Wind accelerates when flowing around an obstacle, leading to the sudden and very regional creation of ripples which then spread.

Wiiiindy day! #langmuircirculation

I really don’t like bio stuff around me in the water, but it helps my point-and-shoot camera focus in these split pics…
Also I need to do something for my lens’ lotus effect!

#afterworkswim #LetsGoWaveWatching #KommWirGuckenWasser

Ripple on the water, ripple in the sand…

Always a good place to be, and especially good to meet friends I didn’t know I had

I find these half-and-half shots so fascinating!

I love summer and going for an #afterworkswim combined with some wave watching & splashing

Clearly I moved the camera (with its relatively sharp edge) quickly through the water. I have no idea what else could have shed such an eddy. #maelstrom ?

Here I love the contrast: pic 1 gets some waves from somewhere upwind, and they cause ring waves spreading from the pylon. Pic 2 doesn’t get as many, but here the reflection is so crisp that you see the gaps between planks of the new pier!


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