Dr. Mirjam Sophia Gleßmer, MHEd

⚓ Endlessly fascinated by the ocean. Striving to understand it and inspire that passion in others.

  • Self-motivated and independently shaping a non-traditional career to satisfy deep curiosity and sense of purpose.
  • Highly experienced in designing, implementing and evaluating literature-based best-practice science education.
  • Consistently developing and actively demonstrating local field trips (#WaveWatching) and hands-on experiments using only household items (#KitchenOceanography) as viable methods in science education and communication.
  • Supporting other science educators as a consultant and through in-person and virtual workshops.
  • Published in a variety of formats, from peer-reviewed scientific journals, to popular science books, to blog posts.
  • Seven years of experience in strategic development and management of science communication and education projects.

Find my CV here and my list of publications here.

Photo by Benjamin Kux