Welcome to #WaveWatchingWednesday! Here are some recent wave watching pics. Enjoy!

Sun dogs! See the rainbow 22degrees away from the sun? That’s a sign for specific ice crystals in the atmosphere that reflect the light towards us. So pretty :)

Wait! Why the two wave crests so close to each other, and then the long trough? That’s because we are looking at a wave field traveling towards the seawall, being reflected & traveling back out at sea. One of the double crests belongs to the original wave field, the second one to the reflection. Swipe to see the two wave fields in positive interference where both crests and troughs line up!

Always pretty…
Note how the reflection of the pier really highlights the structure of the waves!

Love the interference pattern in the waves! Foggy morning #WaveWatching is usually really good because of the diffuse light: a lot of otherwise distracting reflections of sunlight or clouds or even the shore on the other side are just not there :)

“Active lunch break” in my workshop on hybrid learning today, so I managed to go #wavewatching!

Don’t know if I’m more impressed or scared by my new phone’s night pics. And I didn’t even play with settings or filters or anything!

Very nice #wavewatching today!

That’s my mom #wavewatching :)

From right to left: wave crests gets pointy and steep, starts tipping over, breaks (foam flying!) and then collapses. All over a really short distance, super awesome!



Oh look, #uranine in #kielerförde! Can you spot it? The green area in the very left corner?
Uranine is a flow tracer that is used by the local energy people to trace leaks in their long-distance heating pipes. Always fun to follow & leak-hunt, unfortunately this time the leak seems to be on a military base, so I didn’t feel like investigating in too closely… ;)

After spotting #uranine in #kielerförde, I first turned home to get my UV light, but then went back because there was still daylight and it looked so cool.

Obviously had to get my UV light after spotting #uranine in #kielerförde earlier… But looks like I need a stronger UV lamp!!

Still #uranine in the water (can you spot it? The green right in front of the sea wall)

Flow around an obstacle. Windy day today!

Back in March, when I realized that I would probably spend a lot more time at home than I was used to, and when I also didn’t want to go shopping, I repurposed two old frames & painted waves on the back of the supporting cardboard in the frames, so the blank wall behind my porthole wouldn’t just be blank. And I still absolutely love it! Especially with the dried starfish as decorations. Weird? Maybe. But as I said, I love it and it makes me super happy! :D

And that’s it for today :)

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