Help me name my book!

If you like my blog, you will LOVE my book. It’s an alternative travel guide: Instead of talking about sights you can see when you visit a city, I am talking about wave and current phenomena that you can spot on puddles, streams, lakes, or the ocean — anywhere, really.

For that, I am showing tons of photos of waves, about half of them annotated to point out the specific things that can be seen on those photos (like I sometimes do on my blog, for example here). While you have seen some of the photos that I show in my book on this blog before, all the annotations are new, and the photos are now put together and into a larger context.

I wrote this book first in german for my niece, but now I am translating it to make it available to a wider readership, and it will be published as print and e-book just in time for summer vacations! How exciting!!! All I still need to do is find a good title. And since you and your friends are my intended audience, who better than you to tell me what kind of title you think fits a book like mine?

I am looking for a title that conveys excitement and discovery related to water, that anyone can experience any time, anywhere. On walks in the city or on the beach, when looking at puddles, rivers, lakes, the ocean. In german (and I am not completely set on this, either), it’s called “Komm, wir gucken Wasser! Beim Spaziergang Wellen und Strömungen entdecken” — which roughly translates to “Come, let’s go water-watching! Discovering waves and currents on your walks”. Which is neither a good translation nor a good title.

Please help me name my book! Leave a comment with your suggestion, I’m super grateful for your input! (And I will consider “Wavy McWaveface’s guide to water-watching” ;-))

P.S.: if you would like to get an email when the book becomes available (it will be available as e-book and in print in german, and as e-book in english), you can let me know HERE and I will let you know!


6 thoughts on “Help me name my book!

  1. Uhu

    “Wavewatchers Delight”
    “Wavewatchers Guide to the Galaxy”
    “Watch out for (Your) Waves”
    … and all those nutshell and shoestring thingies…

      1. Mirjam

        And more suggestions by Uhu:

        stroll with the waves
        lets go for a wave stroll
        lets look at the waves

        waves everywhere

        short wave guide for everyone

        waves and wavelets

        wavelets everythere – watch out!
        watch out for wavelets

        (I’m) walking with the waves

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