Where has all the water gone?

You might have noticed that in today’s first post there was a lot less water in the Kiel fjord than in yesterday’s post (starting this year strong on the blogging front! I like it! And don’t worry, I won’t be keeping up this pace :-D). But look how little water there actually is!

In the picture above you see two navigation signs that are usually necessary there, because the rock in the middle is submerged far below the water surface. But not today!

And also in these locations you would typically see water coming all the way to the sea wall and sometimes even higher than that. So what happened? Strooong winds!

And the even more interesting thing will happen in a day or so, when the winds die down and all the water that got pushed out into the Baltic Sea comes rushing back into Kiel Fjord! Unfortunately I will most likely not be able to document it due to travel. Someone should pay me for documenting important oceanographic events in Kiel Fjord all day every day :-)

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