Happy #WaveWatchingWednesday with a repost of all of the last two week’s worth of pics that I posted on my #WaveWatching insta @fascinocean_kiel.

Last time I was here, the palm trees were still in hibernation, but now they are out! Looks like it could be a nice place to chill when they switch off the sand storm

Trip to Helsingborg for some admin stuff. Moving within EU is not as easy as one might assume…

Beautiful morning for a swim! (Who am I kidding. Every morning is a beautiful morning for a swim!)

Unfortunately not sponsored, just pretty ;)

Look at these colors though!


Went to look at dinosaur footprints in the geological institute today, in preparation for our Skåne fieldtrip tomorrow with @iearth.no colleague Anders. Pic 2 shows all the sediment layers that apparently indicate that this was once a tidal flood plane! And the dark stuff perpendicular to the layers are roots of horsetail plants. Who knew! Very excited about what we might find tomorrow! :)

The convergence zones in Langmuir circulation show up differently depending on which angle you look at them: if the angle is steep enough, we actually see foam & other floaty stuff accumulate where the water sinks and everything buoyant stays at the surface. At smaller angles, we don’t pick up the floaty stuff any more, but still see the convergence zones in different colors, because there the water is more turbulent and has a different surface roughness to the surrounding water, reflecting light differently

The horizontal-ness of the horizon in my pictures is a good indicator of current water levels: When the horizon looks like this, I’m probably swimming…

Time travel in Skåne today!
(1) fossilized wood in coal!

(2) coal layers and river delta sediments on top

(3) this is where the dinosaur footprints were found that I saw yesterday!!

(4) a bit of original pangea. And strawberries.
Had the most amazing day, thank you Anders!!!

Good morning!

And a nice weekend to you, too!

Perfect light to see small structures in the waves! For example lots of capillary waves, often capillary wave groups crossing to form a cool checkerboard pattern

Very exciting day today, my first time freediving in open water!
Thanks Active Divers, and especially Kina, for the amazing experience! And Louise for the cool pictures!

I find it quite difficult to pull myself away from looking at these waves & actually do the diving part of freediving, instead of just the I’m-so-happy-bouncing-in-the-waves-and-could-look-at-them-forever thing I always do

You will have to imagine that this is a really pretty harbor (it is!), because my favourite perspective is this one

We got out of the water at exactly the right time…

Cool how all the wind waves are blocked right at the mouth of that little stream!

Windy morning swim!

Woohoo! Playing in the waves

Another windy morning swim :)


Sunny morning swim :)


Lunch swim with the most chill bathing buddy ever

More company on today’s lunch swim!

Today’s empty beach weather

Quiet morning swim

Polar bear on a leash making waves! I am always fascinated how it’s not just him, bobbing up and down, making waves, but how the leash itself also makes waves. And how different those two types of waves look: round from the bobbing, but straight from the leash. Not surprising maybe, but pretty cool!

I love calm mornings by the sea

Today: Very interesting weather front (see the rain on the left third of the horizon? And blue sky on the right?) that becomes visible also in the color of the sea, at least in the parts where that isn’t dominated by the yellow-ish sandy floor and caustics shining through

These poppies make me happy every day! What a color!!!

Morning swim. Gusty wind makes for the most fun waves: lots of different sites, pretty capillary waves on top for just a hint of order…

And of course some nice foam stripes! So cool how at different angles either the foam or the smoother surface texture shows up! #langmuircirculation


Have a nice day! :)

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