Welcome to another #WaveWatchingWednesday, where I post all of last week’s #WaveWatching pics from my Insta!

Today, we found the prettiest interference pattern: a flower with five petals!

Hardly any wind but beautiful light today, so super clear wakes!

Blue mornings make the yellow ladders shine even brighter… :)

Rainbows make me happy!

Morning swim was fun! Love the combined bath & shower!

Morning swim was fun! Love the combined bath & shower!

I’m imagining this seagull thinking: wait. How come there are these cool circles on the water? So much cooler than my wake! Then going: oh! Like this! And then the rest of them also taking flight. Yes, I might be over-interpreting things here…

Let’s do some #WaveWatching! Waves come in from Puddefjorden (red) and get reflected on the seawall & bounce back (green). And a rope mooring the floating bridge is just below the surface (blue), changing the locally created wind wave field. So much going on here!

Dynamic morning!
Can you spot yourself @badenymfeliv?

No, it’s not snowing, but I think I’ve reached the low light limit of my camera… From here on, images might look artistic, but are probably no good representations of our morning swims any more :(

Yay, water!

The one thing that distracts me from wanting to be in the water is wanting to look at the water… What a pretty wake, and how on Earth did I miss the boat that caused it?

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