Each #WaveWatchingWednesday I’m surprised by how many #WaveWatching pics I manage to take & post to my Insta in a normal work week!

When the mini vacation is just a 10 minute walk away from home…

Fun fountain: each of the four sides can be switched off by walking through a laser from either the in- or the outside of the fountain. Usually, that is, not today, at least not on all four sides. Which lead to quite a lot of confusion and some wet people! Entertaining lunch break!

Pretty capillary waves!

More fountains. What is it about water being thrown into the air?

Always love walking down here towards the sun rise and the water!
A little more rain last night, a little more mud making sure absolutely no water at all will go down the storm drain ;)

Let’s start the weekend off the right way!

Nothing beats a sunrise in the water

Today we found a great hook for @fraubioke’s upcoming lessons on the ecosystem of the Baltic Sea, learned that calling the police when finding an oil spill is actually encouraged, and had an interesting chat about oil spill clean-ups. And we took a lot of pictures, because it’s really pretty! Also interesting in terms of #wavewatching, because the film dampens out short wavelengths fairly quickly, but lets longer ones pass through.

I like that sunrises are getting later again and it’s easier to take “early morning” pics without having to get up in the middle of the night I also really like a little wind on my swims — enough to have pretty capillary waves everywhere!

Good morning! :)

Isn’t this the absolure best way to start the day?
I now actually own an open water swimming buoy, an orange airbag on a belt that tows on the surface right behind me. Great for safety but, possibly even more importantly, also very nice for stabilizing my camera for #wavewatching pics



In spring there was a lot of mud pulled out of that little lake, and dumped right here (very smelly business, and not looking too nice either) where there is now a fully blooming meadow, so pretty!

Revisiting the geese (remember my obsession this spring?). Not nearly as cute any more, and still not making waves…


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