Shockingly little #WaveWatching currently happening on my Insta @fascinocean_kiel (maybe I also need to reconsider the name at some point?), but here are the latest pictures!

My kind of lunch break!

Evening dipping

Three years ago today: #WaveWatching with @frauwissenschaft

Evening swim & sauna

Exciting day yesterday at @active.divers’ AIDA freediving competition! First calm water and flat surface, then diver comes without disturbing the surface, safety diver creates a wake, after the turn there are some waves from the safety diver and the turn in the diver’s lane, and lastly happy ring waves made by athletes and safety divers when surfacing at the end. And that’s of course just the #WaveWatching side of things, the other side is a Swedish record, lots of personal bests, and only white cards! Great competition!


#wavewatching at #malmöhus — the crossing wave crests (best visible at the edge of the reflection) are overlapping half-circles that form where waves come through one of the two openings under the bridge I’m standing on

Ready for an evening swim!

The water, the sauna, the moon, the best company… Life is good! @katarina.martensson

My friend @alice.in.stem’s super cute kid is brushing up on her #wavewatching theory, reading my book! Always such a joy to see kids’ (and adults’) fascination with water, thank you for sharing Alice!

Looks like summer

As you probably easily recognize from the picture, I am preparing teaching at university level. A bingo about cool stuff students get to learn at sea! And for that, clearly the right stamps to check off what they’ve done are an integral part. Looking forward to going on the student cruise with you @kjersti.daae !!!
As we say @katarina.martensson — kindergarten teacher, academic developer, same, same

Does it count as #paleooceanography if you reconstruct sealevel from where the ice was formed and is still attached to the plants?

Very nice example of shallow water waves: Further out at sea where it is deeper, no longer waves are noticeable, just some smaller stuff due to the light breeze and birds. But once the waves reach the very shallow water, they build up and form these beautiful long wave crests that eventually break when the water becomes too shallow. Gotta love water

Great freediving training with @active.divers yesterday, first trying to take nice pictures for the new website, then doing two PBs (on a super low level, but still, clearly better than ever before ;))

Perfect use of the “day grey” today, first steps on the new platform, and only one quick dinosaur scare in the sauna! Thanks @katarina.martensson!

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