Kiel to Bergen, the mini series. Part 3, in which we get bad weather

The weather forecast wasn’t too good for the crossing, so knowing that I was going to do some hard core wave watching anyway, I put on my full rain gear right away. After all, there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing!

If you look at the clouds, you see that the weather had quickly turned to not-so-nice-anymore. The sea is still kinda calm, but look at how the higher waves in our wake get white caps — it’s clearly blowing a little!

And it was getting darker and darker.

And darker. I love the stark contrast between the straight turbulent wake and the shapes of the clouds.

Btw, looking down at the railing, the turbulence still looks fun!

And the sun is coming out again, at least in spots.

But the spots are growing larger… So all is well that ends well! Especially with such a beautiful wake (notice the feathers of the V, especially visible to the left of the turbulent wake?)

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