It’s time for another #WaveWatchingWednesday, where I share all my #WaveWatching pics from my Instagram @fascinocean_kiel! Enjoy!

I’m sooo ready for some time off that I forgot to bring my waterproof camera to my morning swim! On a day where the water is as beautiful as this!!! But on the plus side that meant I actually swam and didn’t just take tons of wave pics?

I love interesting coastlines, like here with the different high water marks visible on the beach, and clearly different zones with more and less vegetation in the water, too. Also how sand is deposited in some stretches (may even be artificially deposited?) and not in others. And that weird wave breaker thingy, what’s that about?

#WaveWatching on #nordostseekanal from #rendsburgerhochbrücke. Wakes from how many different ships can you spot?


All my nieces & nephew playing with water You cannot start too early!

Hard to believe I’m moving away from Kiel (see, they even put all the flags up for me! And no, that can’t possibly be leftovers from Kiel week…). Never thought that would happen, but it’s really happening! Thanks, Kiel, you were a great home. Possibly the best, but who knows, Bjärred is definitely doing a good job competing for that title….

So much to see here! The wakes in the foreground, made by a boat long gone. The wake in the background where we still see the boat. The Oslo ferry. Gusts of wind leading to higher surface roughness, making the water look a darker shade of blue. All that bio stuff right in the foreground. Very pretty clouds. I just love all the colors! Vitamin Sea is the best.

So much nicer than a bridge or a tunnel… 45 minutes of mini-vacation!

And we are back to morning swims!

See how the blues are so much lighter left of the pier, even stripey? That’s because the structure & the moored boats disturb the wave field and lower surface roughness shows up as lighter blues. Can you see the edge where the pier’s influence ends, and the stripes associated with the biggest obstacles?

Oh hi there, nice waves on this morning swim!

And some #langmuircirculation stripes. So funny how they only really show up when you look at them from a very small range of angles!

Had planned to go into the office to have coffee with a super cool colleague. But since my head has just now accepted that I’m supposed to be on vacation, I didn’t want to go in for fear of falling back into a work mindset. So we sat right at the heart of the campus instead and had a great chat. And I also got to look at the fountain’s parabolae and how the jets become unstable and disintegrate over time.

Looks like it might be a good idea to take my coffee somewhere within the next couple of minutes where I’ll be dry & don’t risk massive branches falling on my head…


Windy day with #langmuircirculation stripes. Maybe now that I see them almost every day it’s time I actually figure out how they form?

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