Have a nice #WaveWatchingWednesday! :)

All I see are waves…

Good morning!

Not my favourite swimming buddy, but they are pretty!

Lucky to catch the sunrise before the sun disappeared behind the clouds again!

Sometimes the most interesting waves are actually in the atmosphere. What’s up with those clouds?!

Caught the sunrise and some nice waves!

Pretty capillary waves on top of the larger choppy stuff

Pretty capillary waves on top of the larger choppy stuff

Interesting interference pattern of a wake & its reflection, with four distinct zones:
– where there is actual interference, we get the checkerboard pattern
– close to the sea wall, the only waves left are the reflection
– further offshore, we see rests of the original waves
– in between the last two, there is no evidence left that the wake ever passed through; just some random other waves

I love how the reflections in the waves at first glance make it look as if this was a collage of several landscape pics! Nope, just the waves doing this!

Also: very different mood than yesterday with hardly any waves…

Very little wind == concentric waves around the fountain!

So first this picture of the seagull taking flight seemed a little melancholic and I was thinking about a caption on how we only leave so few traces that quickly disappear and yada yada. But then the seagull just plopped down again and just sat there and it all seems overly dramatic now

On one of the few mornings where there were several people with tripods and huge lenses waiting for the sunrise, it looked like this. Still pretty, but maybe not quite what they were hoping for and compared to the last couple of days…

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