I didn’t write a #WaveWatchingWednesday post last week. I think when my last blogpost ended with the Oslo ferry leaving Kiel for the last time in the forseeable future, it really hit me how far away so many of the people I love are, indefinitely out of reach. I had a couple really tough days isolated all by my self, with additional high fevers and a very active imagination, but not eligible to be tested. Anyway, things got better, I started being able to go out of my flat again, in the very early mornings to meet as few people as possible. I started taking pictures again and posting them to my Instagram. Initially, they were mainly pictures of sunrises (over water, of course ;-)) and I still didn’t feel like talking about waves. Anyway, today was the first day I felt the urge to talk about waves again, so here comes a bunch of pictures and then a real #wavewatching pic in the end!

From here on, things got better.

The way I felt about being in isolation changed drastically when I brought wave watching into my livingroom. Now I am actually quite content on my sofa, looking at the porthole and the view… Nice change when compared to the days before when I really felt isolated and not happy. Was it just being creative today that turned things around for me? I don’t know, but I’m happy with the result in any case

And then: My first snow this winter! :-)

And I built a snowman! :-)

Not a lot of water in Kiel fjord today, but: poolnoodle waves! When the water is very shallow compared to the wavelength, waves deform into this weird shape with very long troughs and these bulging crests that look as if poolnoodles were being pushed towards the shore.

And that’s it!

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