#WaveWatchingWednesday recapping a freediving weekend in Boalt, a work trip to Bergen and Voss with lots of dipping in both places, a freediving competition back home, and more dipping!

Successful day off today: article submitted, dip done. Now all that’s left to do is breathholding training with @active.divers

Amazing weekend with the best people and really nice dives! While I still try to decide which of the hundreds of pics that @mytroed and myself took to post on @active.divers, here are some personal favourites!

Wave watching at Oslo Opera

Get off the night train, go dip with crazy friends, go to the office, get on the next train…

Morning swim in Voss. The water wasn’t nearly as cold as one might suspect seeing the snow in the background, soooooo nice! Tempting, @cathybovill & @kjersti.daae ?

Feels a lot colder without sun

Best way to start the day!

Thanks for an amazing day with sooooo much pretty water @kjersti.daae & @cathybovill

Dip done

Double-dipping kinda day

Beautiful morning swim with the best @badenymfeliv and then a lot of water falling from the sky for the rest of the day. Also now I know where the weird bruise on my leg is from. As nice and happy as those stairs look…

Been home for a little while but need to post this for my mental transition from a super intensive week in Norway to a super intensive week (hopefully only a week and then it will get calmer?) in Sweden…

Fluffy little sea puppy

Best way to start the day, and the one spot on campus that never fails to make me happy. I’m so predictable, just give me some water and all is good in the world…

Busy Sunday with @active.divers’ #aidavikingapnea competition, getting to judge some craaazy dives! Lucky to have Team Fishie Fishy @mytroed by my side to deal with all the excitement! Thanks @marianawesterhult for the great pics!

Dipping in nice waves today

Windy walk with beautiful #langmuircirculation, then wavy swim

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