A week’s worth of wave pics from my Instagram @fascinocean_kiel. Enjoy!

Looking at water is the best relaxation I know. Windy “offshore” just a few meters away, but even the little sheltering that the leaves provide and almost all waves are gone. So calming!

If you weren’t looking at this picture through a #wavewatching lens, you might think the water was completely flat. But if you look closely at the line where the reflection of the trees ends and the reflection of the sky begins, you can see a crisscross pattern of two wave fields meeting each other at an angle


Hardly any wind, lazy geese, no #wavewatching. But still pretty

Tadpoles! So cute when they come up to breathe but don’t even have legs yet

Foggy morning. See the waves propagating from an (invisible) bird somewhere in the far left? They are visible in some part of the reflection of the boundary between trees and the sky, but they haven’t reached the right half yet

Geese refusing to make waves again…

Happy #WorldOceanDay today!
Your favourite drink can tell you what your #OceanResearch should be on. Build the fortune teller (link here) and find out!

This is what my weekend looked like. Simultanously admiring the garden pond in the background, the oceanography going on in my coffee, and making the “fortune teller” for today’s #WorldOceanDay that tells you what your research should be on based on your favorite drink
Sorry for not including everybody’s favourite drinks — it only had four sides!

How do we know that all the waves here are made by animals rather than the wind? Because even though there are waves, the surface is smooth and there are no rough patches with small ripples visible, even though it’s wide open so if there was any wind at all, it wouldn’t be completely sheltered

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