It’s #WaveWatchingWednesday, and this is actually my 75th post in this series, recapping my wave watching pics from my Insta @fascinocean_kiel! For all of you new readers on my blog — wave watching (and #KitchenOceanography) is actually how I really got into blogging and social media a long time ago; I was in the habit of taking at least one photo of water every day, and explaining the physics in a short blog post. And those posts got a lot of engagement, both on- and offline, lots of fascinating discussions of physics. Sometimes I miss that… So even though now this kind of post might look a little out of place amongst all the academic development stuff I do now, this is really how it all started. Enjoy!

Mental health care

Morning dip done :)

Looks like summer but definitely doesn’t feel like summer yet. But mini vacations with swims are the best

Morning dip done

After work dip



Read more (and in a readable font size) here

Cold dipping is the best

Less than a week too late for SM, all my AIDA stuff has arrived! Thanks all you awesome @active.divers & friends for a great weekend!

Easter dive with @active.divers

Waves and ships, rocks and fossils… Successful day of sightseeing!

Wave watching and fossilized shark head (Obviously just kidding…)

Lunch break dipping

Always new things to look at when dipping

Öresundsbridge seems very close today

Today’s wave watching

Sediment transport in a plume with a very sharp border vs one with a lot more mixing across the boundary. So cool!

Bubbly kind of day

Celebrating @oddfridt’s visit in style

A glimpse of the sea while exploring @hittautskane’s järavallen checkpoints Somehow I have only pics of our very nice morning dip with too many people in them to post though. But it was beautiful, too!

Had to come back and finish all järavallen @hittautskane checkpoints

This was fun today, thanks @sfinxon! When I have sorted the rest of the 400 bubble ring pictures I’ll post some more

Beautiful day at my happy place

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