Today’s #WaveWatchingWednesday is a recap of one of the most amazing experiences ever: A freediving trip to Dahab. Even though we have been back for more than a week now, I am still processing all the new impressions — the sea, the colors, the snorkling (and for those who need to hear it: no, looking at “the elephant” at 25 meters depth does NOT count as “snorkling”! ;-)), the desert, the people, the sounds and smells, the challenges that I took on and mastered, the challenges I did not take, the PBs, the feeling of accidentally having fallen into a fish tank, the “special tea”, seeing all the places I had heard so much about and seen in so many documentaries, the water, the amazing friends I travelled & dived with, their support and encouragement, my instructor Anja’s wise words… I will need more time to process everything, but here are some pictures (out of several thousand that I took!). Enjoy!

And this is when they took away my camera and told me to focus on diving…

And we saw a ray!!

Cool how the pattern of sunlight on the seafloor show exactly where Kina & the buoy have been swimming (and you see their shadow underneath their current position): the turbulence in the water shows up as much more washed-out pattern of light than the clear pattern caused by the waves on the rest of the surface

More pictures of me diving:

Very proud of myself today. Thanks @matsmartensson @active.divers for making me feel safe :)
: @katarina.martensson

Forget PB cake. May I present: The world’s most beautiful PB weight belt

Sunrise watching, slightly complicated by the change from summer- to winter time during this night, and some clocks miraculously and unexpectedly adapting to that, making it a 5:15 start (rather than the 6:16 it would have been yesterday). But that leaves time for a little nap before breakfast :)

If ever in doubt, you’ll recognize me by my pink socks. And the world’s awesomest weight belt, obviously. Also, goal for this week: better bubble rings!

Double-diffusive layering in latte macchiato (and note the reflection of my #KitchenOceanography phone case in the glas!) with a sea view and the best company Life couldn’t be better!

The legendary Blue Hole seen from one of the view points:

Today’s wave watching in the waiting room of an egyptian clinic. Surprisingly difficult to look at comics right-to-left and follow the story lines even when you know them, and all in all, a little more adventurous morning than what we had planned! But no worries, we bought half a pharmacy and everybody is fine(ish. Getting there!) now

Wave watching meets the desert

Spent an amazing and exhausting weekend finishing the AIDA freediving judge course, passing the exam, and then getting first judging experience at the Swedish Championship in pool freediving. I am so grateful for my #ActiveDivers family (six of you more-or-less-well hidden in the picture, and then of course Kina, and others!). Without you welcoming me with open arms, Sweden would not have become my home so easily, and I would definitely not be doing half of the crazy stuff that I am doing these days! Thank you all!

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