Some Bergen pics because this city is so pretty

Since it’s raining today (finally! I can’t be distracted by good weather all the time!) it’s time to post some Bergen pics! And yes, Kristin, they are all water-related. Sorry not sorry!

I don’t know how many of these I’ve taken over the years, but I still like this view!

And apparently I am really into reflections in puddles right now.

Next day with more sun shine! It really looks like fall already, doesn’t it?

Gotta love the low clouds (at least if cloud cover isn’t more than in this picture ;-))

And gotta love the port.

Somehow the water on these chairs was really fascinating to me.

Ha. When I vacated my seat here, some tourists were very happy to take it over from me.

Clearly they hadn’t seen what I saw, or they didn’t realize how quickly that rain front would move in… :-D

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