Kiel to Bergen, the mini series. Part 1, in which we do a lot of wave watching

I recently traveled from Kiel to Bergen by ferry and train, and instead of doing one single monster post about it, I thought I’d try a mini series format. Let me know how that works out for you (but it’s scheduled for the next two weeks already anyway, so you’ll have to live with it for that long in any case :-))

Anyway, let’t get started. As I said, I traveled by ferry, but by neither of the ones you see below. What I found really interesting about the small ferry’s wake are the two turbulent stripes that are visible behind the ferry but that appear to be under water, and that aren’t a continuation of the foam stripes from the breaking bow waves. I have never noticed that before, have you?

And here some more ships as we leave the port of Kiel, notably the historic steam ship that Alice and I (accidentally) went swing dancing on!

I really like the perspective in the picture below: The bottom of the image is parallel to the side edge of our ship, and you see the turbulence we are creating as we are sailing (left-to-right).

And I love how you see the fast turn the sail boat at the top of the picture just did!

More of the same: The sail boat that turned has already sailed out of the picture (but you can still spot its wake in the upper left corner, as well as its reflection on the water), and the other ship as properly sailed into the picture.

The small boat there is making quite some waves in a beautiful wake! I love how you see all the individual feathers of the V-shaped wake with the turbulent wake inside of them.

And here is our own beautiful wake. Is it weird that I think it’s absolutely beautiful? Like some delicate lace or something.

Here we are looking down the railing again. We are going faster now, so the turbulence has changed and become more intense.

That’s a good start for today — catch you again tomorrow! :-)

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