Here are all of last week’s #WaveWatching Instagram posts for you! If you would like daily wave watching pics rather than weekly digests, follow my Instagram @fascinocean_kiel!

#wakewatching in a beautiful sunrise. How much better does it get? Love the delicate feathery structure of the wavelets, forming the V-shaped wake with the birds at their tips!


Beautiful morning made even more beautiful by those birds’ wakes.

I love the early mornings when the birds are waking up at dawn, before the sun comes up. And the anticipation of wave watching as I am walking down to the fjord :)

Beautiful wakes in best wave watching conditions: very low light source, high contrast, one distinct source of waves (ok, two, but you know what I mean!). Getting up so early is really worth it to me!

I love how in the calm water and sunrise a wave field (wake from a far away ship going through the locks at Kiel canal) and its reflection make this beautiful pattern! Early mornings are the best!

Easter Sunday morning at 6? Mirjam went to make a seal movie for @fraubioke (before other people wake up!) but ended up #wavewatching. Doesnt’t this seal have a beautiful wake?

A beautiful #sunpillarbefore sunrise for Easter Sunday morning! Sun pillars are quite rare, because they only appear under specific atmospheric conditions, when there are small ice crystals in the right spot at the right time. Combine that with the beautiful criss cross wave pattern, and I am very happy!

Usually the criss cross pattern of incoming waves & their reflections make me really happy. But see how much more difficult they make it to see the swan’s wake?

Interesting to see so many different wavelengths at once!

Making waves!

Funny how spoilt I have gotten over the last weeks. Now a morning like this feels almost disappointing. Until I realize how lucky I am to be getting my daily dose of Vitamin Sea in despite everything. Hope you have a good day!

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