Birthday on the beach

After, at that point, more than two week of self-isolation in my flat with only my early morning walks away from the flat, and only runs with my friend J. in human company that wasn’t virtual, my parents came to see me the day after my Birthday (which was already a while ago, I’ve been so busy posting all the rotating experiments from my kitchen and Teaching Tuesdays!). But it was a lovely day and I want to share the pictures.

Here, for example, I find it so fascinating how the same wave crest is breaking in one spot, then fairly pointy a little further away, then very flat and round a little further still, and then one can’t even make out the wave any more. Just because it’s shallower in some spots than in others!

And I always think that it’s super cool how vegetation takes energy out of a wave field. Look at the mirror-like water surface in the puddles in the foreground!

Same here. This little bay is sheltered by the wave breaker groyne, but what little is propagating around them and into the bay gets dampened out by the floating seaweed stuff.

And this picture shows very nicely how the groyne is sheltering the water right behind it both from wind and waves.

And one more of those…

And another study of wave breaking, and the broken turbulent wash running up on the beach.

Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t get enough of these.


Oh, now we have a bird’s wake in the sheltered water! Also the sky is blue (well, in some spots anyway ;-))

In the picture below, I was really fascinated how relatively long waves got reflected into groups of three short waves by some weirdly shaped beach.

The whole beach was full of dried out starfish. They looked so beautiful!

And smelled horribly. But I brought some home for Christmas decorations anyway. And I’m sure they’ll be done stinking eventually. Hopefully before Christmas…

At some point, there were a few drops of rain despite it clearly still being sunny (see reflection below!)

Did I mention I love these roses?

And here are my parents, looking for fossils.

Like this fossilised sea urchin I found :-)

And I was looking at pattern in the sand. Like below where we see exactly how high the last couple of waves went, and where the few raindrops fell that day.

No raindrops here, but pretty intricate pattern of “high waters” in the waves!

And a bird’s foot prints.

That was a beautiful day! :-)

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