Welcome to this #WaveWatchingWednesday: Lots of wave pics last week on my Insta @fascinocean_kiel!

This morning’s swim was spectacular because of all the tiny structures everywhere. Capillary waves from me being in the water, washed over by large waves. But then also all these cute little wind waves on top of the large waves, adorable!

The glassy crown of a wave, when it’s just spilling, not quite breaking yet. My camera I take swimming is 10+ years old, so it takes a shockingly long time from me pushing the button, a picture being taken, and the camera being ready for the next pic. So I’m sitting here with my coffee, super excited to have captured cool stuff pretty much by accident…

When I went for a walk this morning at 5:15 because I really could not sleep any longer and could. Not. Stay. In. Bed, the barnacles kept me company

Usually I hate water drops on my camera’s lens (probably time to clean it properly, now that I think about it), but in this case I love that the picture captures all the small details on the waves, and then the super simplified upside-down reflection of just the sea and the sky. The ocean in a drop @benjaminkux

When I walked the 574m to the end of #långabrygganbjärred to go for a swim, the wind was exactly parallel to the pier, meaning that on the one side I couldn’t see any langmuir circulation because the field was disturbed by the restaurant/sauna building, and on the other side there is the construction of a new pier so difficult to see anything anyway. BUT: when I walked back (and how cool is it that I get to walk >1km over water every day just for my swim??), the wind direction had changed, and at a little distance from the buildings, the pretty foam stripes started to form! Now that I see this almost every other day, maybe it’s time I actually understood the mechanism (or maths), what do you think @leelamary?

Seeing such structures frozen in time is somehow very confusing to my brain

Windy day in Landskrona today! Here we see waves running up a really gentle slope in already shallow water. Waves are steepening and crests are getting sharper as the water gets shallower, until the waves ultimately breaks. On steep slopes, all this often happens within one or two wavelengths, here we see it happening over at least 7 or so. Pretty cool!

It’s everywhere!!! #langmuircirculation

It would be so cool to have a moat (for wave watching purposes!) – see how different the surface looks in different parts, and how all the floaty debris is collecting where the wind-driven waves that come around either side of the castle run into each other?

My favourite Landskrona sightseeing pic: a fountain with a scary horse statue and giant floating fake waterlillies. Make of that what you will.

Best way to start any day is in the water

This picture captures today’s #morningswim pretty well. Great waves, but it felt more important to focus on swimming & getting out again than on whether the horizon was horizontal…

Pretty windy day makes for high turbidity in shallow water! Which then makes it easier to see the foam floating on top and all the breaking waves, so it’s all good :)

Love this view:
long fetch -> great waves
+ sheltered area behind headland & that poor remnants of a pier -> almost no direct wind forcing, so much smoother surface, only gradual buildup of small waves & only long waves propagating in around the corner
+ the effects of changing water depth -> waves changing direction towards the shore, getting steeper & breaking
+ #langmuircirculation

On windy days like today the ocean also sounds different. All those tiny waves trap tiny air bubbles even away from where the big breaking and loud noises are happening, and they create a hissing, fizzing, sizzling. As if someone was bunching up cling wrap. Not loud at all, but from everywhere at once. I find that super fascinating.
Maybe today’s hashtags should be more about #letslistentothewaves than
#LetsGoWaveWatching #KommWirGuckenWasser ?

“You just take your time, I’ll happily sit in the sun and wait for you!”, feat #turningtorsomalmö

Second swim of the day

And we are back to beautiful sunshine for like 2 minutes!

Sometimes we see the waves, sometimes we see the shadows…

Helsingör on the other side of the water, but who cares when you could be wave watching instead?

Usually I try and pick just one pic from bursts of usually 200+ pics, but I think both of these are equally awesome. So instead of deciding that it doesn’t actually matter then, and just randomly pick one, you get to admire both.

And we are home in Bjärred. Going for a swim. Obviously.

Interesting to see the usual perspective under different light conditions. That’s an evening swim for a change…

Good morning and please enjoy these beautiful sand ripples & caustics & reflections!
I don’t want to start my days any other way than playing in the waves and marvelling at physics of the ocean, it makes me happy every single time

In some tiny areas, the sea lets us look inside and reveals the play of light underneath the waves, while for the vast majority it just reflects back to us what’s around it (especially cool: the reflection of the sauna!). Physics are awesome!

More layers, from bottom to top:
– #ripples in the sandy seafloor
– #caustics caused by the shape of the sea surface
– #CapillaryWaves caused by me
– lots of wind waves
– reflection of the sky wherever the angle we look at the local sea surface is shallower than the angle to look inside and we run into #TotalReflection

Just love living in a place where I can go on a one-podcast-episode-long walk and get to places such as this one and back!

This morning the sauna was closed for repairs, but that meant I felt comfortable taking my phone in to take pics. The view is spectacular at any type of weather!

My new swimming buddy. Love how he’s so happy from some angles and then completely aloof from others. We’ll have a lot of fun together!

And thus endeth my first month in Bjärred, in which I went swimming at least once every day!

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