Welcome to another #WaveWatchingWednesday — all my wave watching Instagram pictures in one place! Read all about it (and look at a lot of pretty pictures!) below the cut.

Summer in Kiel… Good morning, everybody! :)

Fingerprint on the screen?

Looking at this picture, I caught myself trying to wipe a fingerprint from my phone’s screen. Turns out it’s not afingerprint, it’s one side of the ship’s wake, see it on the far side of the ship?

Here we see all stages of a breaking wave in one picture:
In the back, a distinct crest starts to form.
In the breaking crest, from left to right, the crest becomes really steep, tips over, and breaks in a turbulent foamy mess.
In the foreground, water brought up the beach by the previous wave crest is running back into the sea

I’m always amazed how many belemnites I find on this really short stretch of beach from where I am standing to the lighthouse. How can there be so many new ones if I’m there all the time, collecting them away? Plus surely I’m not the only one who picks them up?

Cool stripes on the lake. You might not be able to see it, but it’s raining like crazy! But despite the surface being full of splashes and small waves, there are still these two very different textures in those stripes. Langmuir circulation? Who knows?

Beautiful sunrise with beautiful waves! Love the delicate structures of those ducks’ wakes!

And that’s it — another week full of beautiful wave watching! So happy to be living in a place where this is possible every single day!

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