Last week’s pics from my #WaveWatching Insta — enjoy! :)

Yesss, shower & bath at the same time! Felt like an adventure today!

I quite like this mood!

Yesss, let’s jump in!

I get slightly irritated with the camera that I take swimming because it’s slow and the pictures are not the same quality as I am used to from my phone. But it’s 10+ years old and low light plus rain plus shakey hand while swimming are definitely not the easiest conditions. And think of all the waters it has already been in! So maybe this is a picture I can appreciate after all

#WaveWatching in the lab today! Generating standing waves in a tank to check whether phase velocity really only depends on water depth… So far, so good!

My happy place. #IfYouKnowYouKnow

Morning coffee views

You might get the impression that all I think about is coffee. But I promise, it’s for #KitchenOceanography purposes! All to invite other people to discover the weird and wonderful world of #oceanography


And this is how I spend a Saturday morning: taking waaay too many pictures and videos of waves. This ruin of an old wave powerplant is absolutely fascinating! For scale: those pillars used to carry a road bridge across!
And it’s also slightly terrifying, I’m always a tiny bit relieved when I left there in one piece…

This is as close as I was willing to go — always stayed well in the dry regions ;)

I don’t usually look at the sky when I have the option to look at water, but what is going on here? How did I miss the plane stirring up the clouds if that’s what this was?
But: waves! In the sky!

Cloud people, help me. This random pink cloud floating low-ish above the water. Is that just where it’s raining and rain drops are hit by the sun? Sun is still just below the horizon…

Wake watching… Pic 2 is about 2 mins before pic 1, you still see the ship making these waves. Isn’t it just beautiful how the waves show up in the sun?

Beautiful hike today

Love the imprint of the wind & shade on the sea surface!

Wave arcs back from where the waves came through a “slit” between two islands!

Love the contrast between the completely flat puddles up here, sheltered from the wind, and the quite windy sea!

And a little #WaveWatching! Love how the feathery wakelets of the (fairly deformed) V-shaped wake fan open on the one side & get bunched together on the other side!

Ready for a swim?

Super interesting reflections in the waves this morning! Thanks for getting up super early for me @badenymfeliv @kristinnevernotdreaming @theakross !

Sunny day — perfect for a student cruise! Look at our beautiful wake :)

Selfie with the #universitetetibergen logo on #hansbrattström. Being on a ship always makes me happy :)

Langmuir circulation!

#langmuircirculation — sailing parallel to the stripes!

Coming home after an exciting day in the sun and the wind!

This morning’s swim!

And on to the next day of student cruising with #geof105! First drifter deployed…

A wake travelling past. Quite cool to see the shape of the waves this well — clearly not a sine!

A bucket on the deck right above the engine — so much #wavewatching potential!!!

A bucket on the deck right above the engine — so much #wavewatching potential!!!

A bucket on the deck right above the engine — so much #wavewatching potential!!!

Coming home, plucking up the drifters again…

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