A collection of #WaveWatching pics. Enjoy! :)

Da har vi det som fisken i vannet

Super engaged students doing rotating tank experiments in @kjersti.daae’s class today! And doesn’t it always look pretty?

Oh look, a wake! Was a little too late in the water to catch the waves, but that’s because I had to take pictures. The choices one has to take…

For a while, I have been thinking that it might be fun to have a wave watching buddy in some of my pictures. What do you think of him? Loooove the colour, just so you know!

Love this weather but am glad I’m not at sea in it

So lucky I have awesome friends that invite me to the best places or spend time with me there

Slow Saturday morning

Needed a small hike before continuing with hardcore chilling :)

Not everybody loves my pink new friend, and I get it. But it certainly makes a grey day more colourful! Jury’s still out on whether he gets to stay…

Went to one of my favourite places for #wavewatching, an old #wavepowerplant that got blown apart by a storm 30 years ago and that is a really impressive place to see the power of waves (which, I guess, is why they built it in this spot). I’ve been coming here for the last 10 years or so, and it’s amazing to see the ruins falling apart between visits; probably again related to storms and large waves. In this channel, waves run up splash at the very end (which you see in the picture). Today was a very calm day, so not much happening, but I’ve been here on many days when standing in this spot would have gotten me completely soaked. And even with little water and low energy, the channel makes spooky sounds… But very impressive nonetheless!

I don’t generally approve of graffiti, but I thought this one was very cute, and exactly what this place needed on a grey day (at least for people who didn’t bring a pink flamingo :)

Pre-dinner walk to check if the water is still there. It is, although not a lot given that new one has been coming from heaven all the time ;)

Good morning! Good coffee, good book*, great view!
*not actually what I’m reading right now, bit since I found it on the shelf here… Great cabin read, Elin! And lots of memories coming up studying for exams! I used to know that book pretty much by heart…

Ship watching. Look at the tail wind blowing the exhaust forward, even though the ship is sailing at 20 knots (I give you this information courtesy of my favourite app, ship tracker. You are welcome!)

Water shooting down the rocks: flowing so fast that standing waves (meaning that they are spreading upstream at the same speed as they are being flushed downstream; hence them being locked into place) develop all around the flamingo who’s grounded in shallow water (sorry, can’t risk loosing him, that would be littering ;))

As much as I love waves that are easy to explain, sometimes watching the chaos at an irregularly shaped coastline like this one is the best!

Difficult to see how windy it is a bit further offshore, out of this sheltered little bay (somehow the whitecaps don’t show up well in the pic) but at least the gusts of wind are visible as darker patches with higher surface roughness. Also love these rocks!

And the sun is coming out!!

Did get our swim in, just had to wait for the opportune moment and weather fit for the occasion :)

Aren’t these reflections (and capillary waves!) beautiful?

Gusts of winds driving waves around this headland (which the waves would have travelled in any case because of diffraction)

It doesn’t always have to be the ocean, sometimes puddles are beautiful, too!

Look, my flamingo’s reflection has four eyes!
Ok, he might not make pictures prettier, but it’s definitely fun to take him swimming. And when he’s in, I have to go, too…

Beautiful morning for a swim! :)
Also nice weather leads to much colder mornings than fog and clouds…

As we are getting ready for the second swim of the day, let’s look at indicators of what’s going on in the atmosphere. See a rainbow while the sun is in your back? “Rain”bow, i.e. water droplets in the air somewhere (hence why you also see rainbows in fountains sometimes). Looking towards the sun and see something rainbow-ish? Sun dogs! Meaning ice crystals in the atmosphere. There can be a whole circle around the sun, but most often are just the two spots on either side of the sun visible, as bright spots or with rainbow colors. Sooo pretty!

You would think that 5 degree air temperature would make 14 degree water temperature feel warm, but you would be wrong

Cooooold? Just follow the flamingo…

Oh, see the pattern the switched-off fountain left in the leaves floating on this pond? Can’t have been much wind or anything really over night!

Starting off the CHESS / @iearth.no summer school today with fortune tellers as scicomm tools, leading to spontaneous (by participants, not even me! ;)) #kitchenoceanography experiments, how cool is that?

And sometimes it’s the kind of morning where you get a shower and a bath at the same time. How efficient is that?!

That was this morning’s swim in beautiful light!

After being visited by a highschool class at @bjerknessenteret and @kikkikleiven, @irendundas and Vanja doing amazing jobs speaking about Antarctic melting and atmospheric CO2, we just had to do an experiment we had prepared but then in the end didn’t have time to do.
There was a coloured ice cube in each of those room-temperature glasses, and this is what it looked like after it had melted. What do you think, which of the two glasses contained fresh water and which salt water?

Morning has broken. And how nice to see all the small wind waves on top of some swell with much longer wavelengths! And then those streaks along the wind direction; developing langmuir circulation?

Today: Swimming with the royal yacht But note the pretty capillary waves!

My friends live in such beautiful places AND prepare such beautiful #kitchenoceanography for me! Can you spot the internal wave traveling on one of the interfaces? Double-diffusive layered latte, what better could there be?

And a beautiful wake!

love this spot for current watching — the tidal currents here are always keeping things interesting (and I used to find it suuuuper scary to paddle through this bit because the currents and water levels and conditions are constantly changing…)

Human friend joining me and purple plastic friend for a swim. Love a good splash!

More naked people art… Love this sculpture “livet, leiken og draumane” (life, play and dreams) by #ArneMæland!

What? No diving into the clouds? Looks so tempting!

Swimming in a different spot always also comes with a different perspective on the city

On days with a long climb and the expectation of cold water at the end of said climb, it helps to throw in a flamingo that I don’t want to be whisked away by the sea, so I have to be on a quick rescue mission
But it also helps see the waves in a very different, much more concrete way to have a small pink flamingo in them. Who would have thought that that reflection at the bottom of the pic should be there? We would never have known had it not been for the little pink flamingo, helping wave perceptions become a lot more 3D. Looks almost unreal!

#WaveWatching is great in all kinds of weathers. Here we see the effects of rain, wind, and those regular waves with the long crests are the wake of a ship!

Nice lights! Christmas is almost here!

Life, games and dreams, as seen from the water
#arnemæland #livetleikenogdraumane

These lights make everything feel warmer somehow

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