Kiel to Bergen, the mini series. Part 8, in which we do a lot of very cool #wakewatching

Now we have reached Oslofjorden. Look at our beautiful wake!

Since the water is calm inside the fjord, we now also see another interesting feature of the wake: The waves that connect the “feathers” of the V. Looks a bit as if we had been going over speed bumps for as far as we can see :-D

And looking down to the side, we quite clearly see the different parts of the wake. The feathers, the turbulence. Did I mention I love watching turbulence in water?

Also very interesting: The wake behind that little light house. Do you see how the surface reflects the sunlight differently in a streak going to the right and slightly up? That’s where the water is more turbulent in the wake of the light house (since the lighthouse is stationary, the current must currently be going out of the fjord).

My phone isn’t really good at capturing pictures in this light (or, well, maybe I am just not supposed to point the camera at the sun?) but it makes me really happy to see the reflection on the one slope of the feathers of the wake :-)

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