I haven’t done a #WaveWatchingWednesday in 7 weeks — time flies when you are having fun! So here are the last 7 weeks of water Instagram pics from @fascinocean_kiel. Enjoy!

That was a nice training on a Friday evening!

And now the new #wavewatching platform has officially been opened, with speeches, ribbon-cutting and all!

#WaveWatching at training today!

New and pretty and lit almost all the way until the very end!

Foggy above the water and cold in the water Good thing they had the sauna waiting for us!

Hydrostatic pressure experiment coming along nicely except that I somehow managed to mess up the second-to-lowest hole… Oh well! Ausnahmen bestätigen die Regel oder so

Bubble rings

If you ignored all the leaf-less trees, you could almost think it was summer in Bjärred!

Haven’t done this is a really long time, but it was time to update my Denmark Strait Overflow pictures (last ones were from 2013!). As you can see, we have a cold, dense reservoir to the right of the “Greenland-Scotland-Ridge”, then the overflow itself as a waterfall down the slope, and then the cold water spreading along the bottom of the “North Atlantic” left of the ridge. Maybe not so obvious: The Gulf Stream at the surface supplying new warm water to the Nordic Seas that will get cooled there and sink. Pic 2 is the development of the overflow over time.

In terms of #wavewatching, we definitely did the best static training today: only short holds, so lots of going under and resurfacing, hence lots of waves (plus so do-able that I could play with the camera while doing the training). Also fascinating: how we cannot look out of the water because of internal reflection. The angle has to be a lot steeper up towards the surface to be able to see what’s going on outside of the water!

A lot of water today!

My favourite experiment, today in @active.divers branding!

And a cartesian “active diver”…

Ice watching and wave watching and @iearth.no walk&talk with @mattias.lundmark all in one!

I love ice watching

More ice & wave watching because it’s just so beautiful

Great views on this working-from-train day!

Beautiful “training” today. Sorry, people, don’t give me bad puns, I will use them forever…

I’m on my way to meet you, Siv! :)

I tend to think of myself as someone reasonably boring who just happens to accidentally make friends who are into extreme water stuff, like pushing each other so their kayaks capsize just to get to a ball, or holding their breath until they black out, or being on almost their day 1000 of continuous open water swims, all of which I obviously then have to join, albeit on a much more reasonably boring level. And then I find myself getting up super early to go cold-dipping before a full day of work on my only day in town and now I’ll smell of the sea and carry a wet towel around for the rest of the day, so what do my priorities say about me I wonder…

Oh Bergen…

Getting ready for today’s morning swim (actual “swim” today, not just dip, at 2degrees…). Thanks @badenymfeliv & @kristinnevernotdreaming

Playing with ice & water in Voss. Thanks for documenting my swim @kjersti.daae!

Do you see scary monster teeth or an enormous church organ?

The green river is always worth a visit. So beautiful! Also split photography gets so much more complicated when there are several layers of ice in the water

Ice watching is amazing, but combined with wave watching it gets even better

First we just saw the “smile in the sky” or “upside down rainbow” circumzenithal arc, then the clouds moved to show it together with the 22degree halo. Such a beautiful day!

And this is when the student cruise started! Engine running forwards now after backing out from where the ship was parked, as you can see in the turbulence and the shock waves radiating from there into the undisturbed water surface

Forecast was blue skies, and we got the bonus cool fronts with rain in all directions for free!

The things we do for science…

I love being at sea

Waves in thin ice & open water

Interference pattern where wave fields cross, at sunrise in open water and ice!

This is exactly how far we were willing to go into the ice with a non-ice class ship

Ice processes up close: finger rafting where two plates of ice are pushed against each other and form a pattern that looks like linked fingers, and the track we “broke” into the ice!

CTD instrument breaking the surface on its way back on board, creating ring waves & those ring waves being reflected back from the hull of the ship!

Funny waves (because they are running right against the stern of the ship and reflect back into themselves, creating standing waves) and Langmuir circulation foam stripes!

The Northhordaland bridge is super fascinating: more than 1km of its total length is floating on anchored pontoons (fjord was too deep to build a normal bridge) that are put together in a way that the whole thing can be deformed to react to the tides! And tides are weird in this area: we deployed a couple of surface drifters and they just each totally did their own thing…

Long day, but oh-so-pretty wave watching!

Very pink kind of morning today

A little bit of ice and a super pretty wake with these reflections

Dreaming away…

So many weather changes today!

So many weather changes today!!

Blue skies if you look in the right spot!

Mooring recovered before breakfast. Good start of the day!

Turbulence where our ship just turned slowly eating into the surrounding water, pink sky and moon shine. What more do you want?

Very cool weather fronts today!

Billows in the clouds

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Hello Bergen!

Takk for turen @kjersti.daae !

I got myself a new toy and now all I need to do is actually follow the instructions and use the “anti droplet gel” so the above-water part looks as nice & crisp as the below-water part. And then play & learn how to use it well. Very happy wave photographer here!

Fossil find! Thanks for taking the beach away and exposing all the cool stuff, Otto

Best way to start the day, with cold dips, sauna and @katarina.martensson

My favourite type of geology: fossilized wave ripples!

Collapsed sand volcano!

Seems like I live in a pretty awesome spot for finding fossils! Third one of the day isn’t even pictured!

This morning’s finds: 7 fossilized sea urchins and 1 water level. Horizon is horizontal

Still profiting from Otto restructuring the whole coastline

Fossil Friday

Best way to spend a Friday evening

Very faint rainbow over Långa Bryggan

I love wave watching!

Getting better at bubble rings but now need to figure out how to take better pictures of them

Took myself on a mini vacation at home after work with a swim and a long beach walk (so much more beach available when there is so little water ). So lucky to live in such a beautiful place!

Fascinated by the patchy turbidity of the water. See the clear patches surrounded by all muddy water?

And that’s it for today!

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