Here is a recap of the last month or so of my #WaveWatching pics on Insta. Enjoy!

Phenomenal wave watching at freediving again

Windy morning #langmuircirculation

Shower incoming…

Happy place :)

Kayaking adventure

Freshwater swim needed after kayaking & saltwater swim

What to do in this weather? Read about “ecological universities”, go swimming, watch underwater rugby world championship with @active.divers’ @edvinmartensson & Mattias!

Underwater life

More kayaking adventures with världens bästa Elin

Rainbow game was strong yesterday!

Perfect Sunday diving

Wrong settings on the camera make a beautiful beach day in Beddinge look a lot more dramatic than it was


Things that make me happy: nice layers in a caffe latte AND being on a ship!

@kjersti.daae’s, mine & colleagues’ article on our fieldwork bingo has been published in @tosoceanography! Check it out via my blog (link in bio) or here:
Glessmer, M.S., L. Latuta, F. Saltalamacchia, and K. Daae. 2023. Activity bingo: Nudging students to make the most out of fieldwork. Oceanography, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2023.217.
Thanks to all the students that were willing to play and give us feedback to help improve the bingo! I think it has become a pretty good & fun tool!

Bubble- (were supposed to be -rings, but oh well…) and #wavewatching from below the surface. Perfect way to spend a Sunday!

Windy swim and #langmuircirculation

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