Welcome to the recap of my #WaveWatching Instagram @fascinocean_kiel! Starting off strong:

My standard #KitchenOceanography overturning circulation experiment (recognize the tank & the cool pad?) put into a very different light by @davidcarrenohansenfor the upcoming issue of @sciencenotes5x15! Can’t wait to see how the pictures turn out — definitely not the “snap a pic with my phone in my kitchen” I always do!

#FlumeFriday with pretty much the opposite approach to my usual kitchen oceanography: Yesterday I got to visit @lufi_luh and see all their super cool flumes and wave tanks. Unfortunately without water, but you bet that I’ll be back! Can you imagine the endless possibilities?

Some things make me happy every time. Like watching hydraulic jumps in a sink. What’s your guess why in the second picture the radius of the shooting water circle is smaller even though the flow out of the tap is the same in both pics?

Interesting: distinct ripples on the sandy seafloor, but not all the way up to where the plants start. Why not? It’s not a change in water depth. I think it must be because of some plant wave interaction that dampens the waves enough that they can’t move the sand any more. Or possibly some reflection from the sea wall that messes something up? What do you think?

#SciCommSunday: Did you notice how I am always writing how much _I_ am fascinated by wave watching or kitchen oceanography or that stuff? Head over to my blog post on a recently published study in which it was found that writing in first-preson style is actually helpful in #SciComm because it makes you be perceived as more authentic and helps build a connection with your audience!⁠⠀
Picture taken on my last trip to Bergen (when P & I met up to go watch the tidal current you see in the background).⁠

Then one day on my way to work: Shear flow (see the essies?) between two watermasses. The muddy brown water coming out of Alsterfleet, the other one is “normal” brackish Elbe water in the Port of Hamburg. I saw this from the train station and had to go investigate & document! :)

And that’s it for this week! :-)

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