Today’s #WaveWatchingWednesday with a recap of my recent trip to Norway. Enjoy!

Crossing Öresundsbridge. This is some serious heat loss going on!

As impressive as the heat fluxes in my previous post were when seen from Öresunds bridge, as impossible they make seeing anything other than the very top of that bridge from the air…

Not as impressively colorful in the photo as it looked in real life, but optics are weird and wonderful

In Norway, I attended an Institute Seminar where this was my beautiful room. I am so lucky to do this kind of thing for work!

Shocking working conditions

And then I arrived in Bergen

Waking up in Bergen means cold dipping with my crazy friend Siv! <3

Later then a walk&talk with swimming barriers acting as low-pass filters, swans in coffee, and a lonely fountain fighting against the ice

Love this statue

And then I was off to Voss. So much to see in so little ice!

And then in Voss, we had to play. Thanks for the supercool pictures, Kjersti!

And then some sunrise watching in Voss, with a beautiful halo thanks to tiny ice crystals

Sun pillar visible pretty much all day long today, even in my previous post with the halos (no, not an effect of the camera’s lens!). It also needs tiny ice crystals in the atmosphere to form, so maybe not surprising to see both in one day!

Under-ice icicles with funny shapes because they are not growing from thawing ice above and then water flowing down on them and refreezing, but from waves leaping up

Some freezing soap bubble fun, and watching them deflate!

A lot of “training” on my way back home…

Cold morning dip back home

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