Kiel to Bergen, the mini series. Part 4, in which the sun comes back and the wind picks up

Just as quickly as it had gotten dark, the sun came out again. Love how the left side of the picture below looks like the colors are inverse with the dark sky and bright sea!

Below, we are looking at our own wake again, and at how the waves are breaking. I could watch this for hours! (Which reminds me — I probably have hours of movies of this. But not for today…)

The sea state has changed from when we first left port — not only are we not in Kiel fjord any more and therefore a lot more exposed to the wind, also the wind has picked up quite a bit.

The sea is starting to look quite cabbly…

And there are some white caps here and there.

Looking upwind, we also see stripes that remind me of Langmuir circulation, except I don’t think it’s fully developed at that point.

Great contrast between the blue skies and the white caps on the sea!

And, since I was smart enough to wear rain gear and stay on deck while the weather wasn’t quite so pleasant earlier, I got the very best spot when the sun came out again :-)

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