Discovering Google Earth Engine

Remember we did an expedition learning course in Kiel bight a while ago? I wish I had known about Google Earth Engine then already. Even without signing up (which I will do as soon as time permits) you have access to their timelapse: a global composite of satellite images, which results in a cloud-free 32-year video of the Earth’s surface. And the best feature: It’s zoomable! So you can look at your favourite beach (or any region of the world you are most interested in — disappearing rain forests? Growing cities? Shrinking glaciers? (Careful — there is some weird aliasing of the seasonal signal in there)).

For me, it’s obviously coast lines. And especially the beaches of Kiel bight: You see sand moving around and the beach shape changing to what we see today. What a great motivational intro for any course on coastal dynamics!

So super excited about finding this tool that I had to share immediately :-)

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