Forskningsdagene are almost upon us

Preparations for experiments to be shown at the science fair “forskningsdagene” are under preparation.

Forskningsdagene, a cooperation between research institutes and schools, science centers and other educational places, will take place next month in Bergen. This year’s topic is ocean and water, and many interesting activities are being planned.

Today Kjersti, Martin and I met up to test which dyes and liquids are best suited for internal wave experiments. Since the target group on at least one of the days are school kids, conventional substances (like potassium permanganate as dye or white spirit as one of the liquids) might not be the best option. Instead, we went for food coloring and vegetable oils.


One of our tests – a four layer system with water (green), vegetable oil (turquoise), white spirit and air.

In the end, we came up with many different options and decided that we should probably bring all the bottles so people can play with them, too.  And we should found a company that sells these bottles as nerdy paper weights. I have had one on my desk for a year now and I’m still playing with it, as is pretty much everybody who comes to my office.


Our selection of different combination of colors and water and oils for internal wave experiments.

But of course the best option wasn’t mentioned until afterwards: Oil and balsamic vinegar! Thanks, Jenny!

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