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“It feels like having a smart friend which we ask anything and it can answer”: Currently reading: “Exploring Students’ Perceptions of ChatGPT: Thematic Analysis and Follow-Up Survey” (Shoufan, 2023)

I’m currently thinking a lot, and talking with a lot of students, about what builds trust between students and teachers: Mostly that teachers ask questions, listen, and respond. But then someone pointed out how students appreciate the “human-like” interactions that students have with ChatGPT, and Rachel sent me a study that also shows that.

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Prompt engineering and other stuff I never thought I would have to teach about

Last week, I thought a very intensive “Introduction to Teaching and Learning” course where we — like all other teachers everywhere — had to address that GAI has made many of the traditional formats of assessment hard to justify. We had to come up both with guidelines for the participants in our course on how to deal with GAI in the assessment for our course, and with some kind of guidance for them as teachers.

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