Playing with roll wave animations

I love how powerful Powerpoint is, at the same time there surely is a way out there to create these kind of animations with a little less copy & pasting, and especially without manually moving tons of stuff by juuust a tiny little bit from frame to frame?

How would you build these kinds of pictures? I’m even considering Matlab at this point (which I really don’t think would be such a stupid idea after all)

This is an animated gif. If it isn’t playing, I have no idea why not… It is playing on Twitter (link here)

2 thoughts on “Playing with roll wave animations

  1. andyextance

    There are a number of tools I’m planning to explore in this area, if you get a chance to use them I’d be interested to hear how you get on. One I’ve used once is Adobe Spark, which is a free tool. The main one that sounds like it would work for you is Animoto. I also wonder whether Wochit or Headliner would help. If you do try any of these please let me know how you get on – I’ve subscribed to this comment thread, and read your blog regularly.

    1. Mirjam

      Thank you for reading and for your suggestions, I will definitely look into those programs and let you know how it works out!


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