My June on Instagram

Even though I am too busy — and then too lazy — to write blogposts most of the time, there are other places where you can hear from me quite regularly. My Instagram @fascinocean_kiel is still going strong, as is the Instagram for the project I am the scientific coordinator of, the Kiel Science Outreach Campus @kisoc_kiel, which posts both primary content and then reposts a lot of cool stuff from other KiSOCs. Both these accounts are quite different, check them out! I am actually currently working on a blog post that compares the strategies behind those two accounts as well as a third (and possibly a fourth). So stay tuned :-)

Behind the cut are the collected @fascinocean_kiel posts. I love looking over all those posts. A lot of things do happen within a single month, and documenting it through water from all the different places I’ve been to is actually a lot of fun! Isn’t it surprising how that account went from “I’ll do it for one month as a proof-of-concept because apparently these days you have to do Instagram” to “it’s been running for quarter of the year and every time I think about stopping I go just two more pictures because they are so pretty! and then the next month is over…” :-)

Also I have been getting AMAZING feedback, people contacting me to tell me how much they love reading about waves every day and suggesting I write a book with all these posts (…btw, I did write the book already two years ago, check it out!). It’s great to see how many people are interested in this kind of observations :-)

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