Presenting the KiSOC at Kiel Week 2018

Extremely busy times around here — if you follow my Instagram, you know I’ve been travelling like crazy recently and the “Kiel” in @fascinocean_kiel has been sadly lacking… But: We’ve been up to exciting things! Both in Kiel, when I was there, and during my travels.

Here is a quick impression of how me and my team presented KiSOC during Kiel Week 2018. Kiel Week, for those who don’t know it, is a huuuge sailing event with an enormous party that lasts for 9 days. And that party is an excellent opportunity for some science communication!

Here is what our part of the exhibition looked like before it opened for the public (and before we got our very cool KiSOC-shirts, which you will see below):

Picture credits: David Hölscher

We did have posters up on the wall that were designed to be read even across tables with people doing science communication handcrafts and activities on them. On those posters we gave an overview over who we are, what we do, and then, how people can get involved. Either by following us on social media, or by joining #scicommchall, or by doing the activities we were presenting at Kiel Week.

And then, on the tables in front of the posters, we did offer a lot of different activities. For example on material sciences…

If you are interested in what kind of activities we offered, check out our @KiSOC_Kiel Instagram or Twitter! (Yes, we are very active on social media now! :-)) Most of the activities were developed as part of #SciCommChall, which you should definitely look into, too, if you haven’t heard about it yet… ;-)

And this deserves a special mention: Nena gave a brilliant presentation!

Thanks for the great work, everybody! It’s a pleasure to be working with you! :-)

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