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Drops and a pool

Sometimes I am so glad to have this blog, just because it gives me permission to do things like film drops falling from a wet life vest into a pool with a calm water surface.


Of course, nobody actually needs permission to do this, but it might seem a bit weird if you don’t happen to have a perfect excuse ready, like “I need this for my blog!”.

And, of course, it is absolutely worthwhile (as well as fascinating) to look closely at those drops falling from the dripping wet life vest. Especially if you have a slow motion function on your camera.

We theoretically know everything about what the splash looks like when a drop hits the water surface because it is on pretty much every brochure or poster or website of every wellness or health resort or spa place. But to watch it is still amazing to me.

P.S.: Na, Mone? Was hat die Stunde getropft? Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!!