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A different kind of drop photography today…

After all the professional drop photography I talked about yesterday, here is some of my own from a walk that I took after the amazing and slightly overwhelming experience of giving the laudation speech at the opening of an art exhibition.

Below, I really liked how the wave rings have such different sizes and amplitudes depending on whether they were made by rain drops or ducks (you might have to click the image to enlarge to see what I am talking about).

And below, I love so much about this picture. The long waves with the very small amplitude that are coming into Kiel fjord from some far-away storm. The short waves and small scale turbulence that is created where wave crests just manage to flood a step on the staircase, but the water then flows off it again during the next wave trough. The small speckles made by rain drops. The fact that it seems to almost be summer again because the beach chairs are back! And, of course, that I caught the splash and the flying drops of the wave.

I read this poem by E.E. Cummings on Saturday that really speaks to me. It ends in

“For whatever we lose (like a you or a me)
it’s always ourselves that we find in the sea”
E.E. Cummings

Drops and a pool

Sometimes I am so glad to have this blog, just because it gives me permission to do things like film drops falling from a wet life vest into a pool with a calm water surface.


Of course, nobody actually needs permission to do this, but it might seem a bit weird if you don’t happen to have a perfect excuse ready, like “I need this for my blog!”.

And, of course, it is absolutely worthwhile (as well as fascinating) to look closely at those drops falling from the dripping wet life vest. Especially if you have a slow motion function on your camera.

We theoretically know everything about what the splash looks like when a drop hits the water surface because it is on pretty much every brochure or poster or website of every wellness or health resort or spa place. But to watch it is still amazing to me.

P.S.: Na, Mone? Was hat die Stunde getropft? Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!!