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Happy Birthday, dear blog!

Wow, three years ago on this day I started this blog, and this blog post is post no 477. Can you believe that!

And even though I had planned to take the summer off blogging, you see how that worked out — I just had so many pictures that I wanted to share that I didn’t blog for a total of three weeks or so, and then in one day wrote and scheduled bi-weekly posts from early August way into September. When I’m back from my cruise, it’ll be with more actual content, I promise!

So today, here is a picture of a fountain in Sheffield, where I went to a great engineering education conference in summer.

2016-07-15 11.36.42

I like the “infinity pool” look of it, even though there is no ocean behind it, and I find it really fascinating how the spouts seem to be in completely different places than where the water actually comes out when you look through the glass from the side. Isn’t physics just awesome?

2016-07-15 11.37.10