Database of Methods of Nonviolent Protest and Persuasion

This blogpost is mostly a note to myself so that I don’t have to search for the database of methods for non-violent protest and persuasion next time I need it! Almost 200 methods, what a treasure for inspiration! They are grouped into “protest and persuasion”, “non-cooperation” and “intervention” (getting more and more confrontational), each with several subcategories. Many of the methods I had never heard of, or not actually realized what they were. Each method has its own site with historical examples. Brilliant!

P.S.: Featured image: This is my fourth night in this hotel room and I keep wondering — is this the way the image is supposed to be hung? Did the decorator make a mistake when they first decorated this hotel? Was it some guest who thought it would be funny to turn it upside down? And now: Is this a form of non-violent protest that is still missing on the list? What were they protesting, though? Anyway, really like the picture, and it has made me think a lot!

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