When you post pictures of your coffee on the Internet and end up in an oceanography textbook

When you post pictures of your* coffee on social media, the coolest things can happen!

Yesterday I got a copy of this Chinese oceanography textbook for pupils in the mail. It’s called 探海观澜:海洋观测的奥秘 (“watching waves and exploring the ocean: the secret of ocean observations” — how cool a title is that??) and it’s featuring a picture of diffusive layering in a coffee that I took! I am so excited! How awesome is it to see my coffee in a Chinese textbook? This will definitely come up as anecdotal evidence in all conversations about the usefulness and reach of science communication on social media from here on onwards!

Thank you, Zhiwu Chen, for reaching out and giving me this super cool opportunity! The book will definitely live in a place of honour among my oceanography-themed books! And I am very much intrigued about the context of the picture (I spot salt fingering and more double-diffusive mixing on the same page) and the rest of the book. I wish I could read Chinese!

*Actually, I think it was @chirinegramke‘s coffee and I just made her let it get cold because the layers were so cool and I wanted to take the picture ;-)

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