New article out in Frontiers for Young Minds

On Friday, my third article for Frontiers for Young Minds, the journal peer-reviewed by kids, was published (and with an adorable cover pic at that, and the journal was so incredibly kind to change it from a previous version in order to have a female scientist on the research ship!).

The article “Are Warm Ocean Currents Melting the Ice in Antarctica?” was written by Nadine Steiger, Elin Darelius, Anna Wåhlin, and myself based, among others, on the research we did on the 13-m-diameter rotating swimming pool in Grenoble three years ago, that was published in Nature earlier this year. I am so grateful to have been part in this amazing project with the best team!

And, as always, publishing in Frontiers for Young Minds was a really positive experience. Interacting with the young reviewers is always fun, and the staff at the journal is super helpful. I’ve been working as an associated editor with Frontiers for Young Minds for a while now, too, and I just love the whole experience. Totally recommend!

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