Who enjoys playing with water clearly even more than me? An eager beaver!

Work took me to Brodowin (a village northeast of Berlin that is situated in a biosphere reserve and does amazing organic farming). The public transport, however, only took me to Chorin, which is a 1h 5min walk away from Brodowin — if you walk at the pace suggested by my app. Not, however, if you come across stuff like this:

This was the first time I’ve spotted evidence of beavers in the wild, and this time I was just walking all by myself through the forest and couldn’t believe my eyes! When I talked to locals later, they were all like “yeah, it’s a real nuisance around here, they flood acres and are really annoying!” but I was absolutely fascinated seeing their dams, and imagining what even better dam they will be able to build if that tree falls in the right direction, across that little stream. Really hope it does!

The water on the left in the picture above looks so weird, btw, because there is a lot of dust and pollen and stuff floating on it, that is stopped by the dam, while some water clearly manages to filter through. And ideally I should have jumped across the little stream to take better pictures, but there is a limit to what I am willing to do for a good picture. If only they had already gnawed that tree down, there would have been a convenient bridge across… But I will be back to check on their progress! :-)

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