A sketch of a learning sequence on fjord circulation experiments

I’ve been wanting to develop a good fjord circulation experiment for a long time now — I wasn’t happy with the one we used back when I was teaching in Bergen, and then 1.5 years ago I talked with Steffi and Ailin who took over the tank experiments in Bergen a while back and we wanted to do something about it, but it just never happened. Life, you know, and jobs with other foci…

But then when I couldn’t sleep, I decided that 4:15 in the morning is a very good time to sketch out how I would develop a learning sequence on fjord circulation. Let’s see how I feel about it at a more normal hour after some more sleep, but right now I am happy with it, and excited to flesh out the sketch a little more with actual instructions for experiments. Would you be interested in reading that? And where would you look for instructions like that (except for on my blog)? I am hoping to maybe publish it somewhere “official”…

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    1. Mirjam

      Hi Barry, Thank you for your comment! I think the main problem with the old setup (which the sketch I posted admittedly does not address, either) is that we never talked about the role of mixing in setting up the circulation. Which is why it sometimes worked well and others did not, depending on how much mixing occurred, which in turn depended on where the inflow was placed and what the flow rate was, which was a trial-and-error thing and not a conscious choice. I am hoping for a robust experiment, but even just having the conversation is helping me a lot figuring out the weaknesses of the old setup.

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