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Morning and evening #wavewatching in Ratzeburg, including sun dogs!

I’m super excited to be back in Ratzeburg, but before I start on all the new pictures I will be taking over the next couple of days, let’s get some old pictures out of the pipeline, all taken either in the morning when the lake is still calm, or in the evening, when it’s calm again.

I love, for example as shown in the picture above and below, how paddling with my feet dangling from the pier creates this beautiful pattern of waves that radiate for such a long distance over the lake. And I love how we see that there is wind somewhere further out — the surface roughness is higher and the lake appears a darker blue — but that there is an area with very little wind, where we can see the dark reflection of the forest on the shore across the lake.

Looking into the water at a steeper angle, how creepy are those water plants growing there? The water depth is larger than 2.5 meters here and they still almost reach the surface! Did I mention I like my water without any biology in it? ;-)

Depending on the light, it can look even more creepy, like below…

Good things there are other views to be had, too, when you do a tour around the island. Like here, all those waves coming through the narrow inlet and spreading over the calm pond! Such a pretty sight!

Or a different corner of the small pond — so fascinating how there are the different reflections, shadows and insights into the water happening simultaneously!

And the picture below just makes me happy. Doesn’t it evoke feelings of promise and a new day? (Although it must have been taken in the evening if the sun is on that side. But anyway, all that spring green! :-))

Another thing I observed on two evenings in a row: Sun dogs! Can you spot one in the image below?

Or in this one? Below there should even be two sun dogs (but maybe that’s mainly due to my active imagination…)