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Meeting Ran, the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Two weeks ago in Gothenburg, I was lucky enough to meet Ran, Anna Wåhlin’s Autonomous Underwater Vehicle.

I posted a lot about that on Twitter, but have been wanting to combine the pics and short clips into a movie. But I just couldn’t be bothered to do something about the sound, so I put it off, but eventually I figured that I really wanted my mom to watch it so here we go. Please excuse the bad sound quality. I am currently looking into small microphones to work with my phone… Any advice?

(See pictures below the movie if you are interested)

And here we go! Selfie with Ran!

Anna and Johan doing pre-dive checks and mission planning

Another selfie with Ran. Can you tell that I am excited to meet her?

But wow, it takes a while until she’s ready to go into the water! ;-)

But there she is, finally ready to dive. Can you spot her?

When Ran is diving, there isn’t really a lot to do. Except, of course, wave watching! I always love looking at how the waves are claiming back the area that a ship just vacated (which you see from the turbulent wake).

And there she is again, ready to be recovered!

Science is such a team effort. We wouldn’t be able to do any oceanography without the amazing captains & crews on the research ships. And it’s no different on RV Skagerak. They are just lovely!

And Ran is on the hook to be pulled back on board!

This is a lot more difficult that I imagined!

Oh, and then there were a couple of CTD stations to get some data to calibrate the sensors on Ran with. I love CTDs :-)

Next recovery…

And more wave watching!

On RV Skagerak, communications are very direct. Just open the porthole and you are ready to drive the CTD! :-)

No rest for the wicked… Recovering Ran at night.

Exciting times!

Thanks again for having me, Anna! I really enjoyed it so much! :-)