Nansen’s dead water explained on YouTube

Remember the experiment on Nansen’s observation of “dead water” that Elin & myself set up as part of GEOF213? Our movies of this experiment are now featured in a brilliant Youtube video by my friend, the german science communicator Doktor Wissenschaft! Check it out! (English subtitles available)

I feel so proud to have contributed to such a cool video! :-)


P.S.: Doktor Wissenschaft also has an Instagram profile which is totally worth checking out. He posts interesting physics, chemistry and biology facts in twice daily. And occasionally he includes cool ocean and climate facts, supplied by yours truly. If you have fascinating facts that should be featured on Doktor Wissenschaft, please feel free to let me know and I will happily forward them!

One of Doktor Wissenschaft’s facts on Instagram: “If all Antarctic ice did melt, sea level would rise by approximately 58 meters”

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